Showdown at the Bergisel: Superstar Travis Rice vs. World Champion Peetu Piiroinen

Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck-Tirol 09/II comes up with a top-class starting field on 05.12.2009 in the Bergisel Stadion: Travis Rice and World Champion Peetu Piiroinen are part of the comeback of the Big Air Straight Jump/ After Show Party at the location Hafen, Innsbruck

The change from quarterpipe to Big Air in the Bergisel Stadion made the elite of the snowboard scene curious. Getting a position in the starting field was in great demand but now the 16 pros are confirmed and they will be on parade on 05.12.2009 in Innsbruck. The new setup will challenge the rider a lot: they will start 50 meters above zero; with an inrun of ca. 70 meters and a slope of 45° the rider get on the ground again after 30 meters and an awesome trick. The best jump gives the winner 1.000 points in the Swatch TTR World Tour, the Ring of Glory and the biggest Part of the prize money of € 75.000.


Starting field of the Billabong Air & Style 09/II

Good chances to make the Ring of Glory his own has the Swatch TTR World Tour Champion 2009 and Winner of the second place of the Billabong Air & Style 09 Peetu Piiroinen (FIN). Again taking part in Innsbruck is his Finnish colleague Antti Autti who reached as well the finale at the last Billabong Air & Style and made 4th place. Torstein Horgmo from Norway had already good opportunities to win the Air & Style but it was always a near miss. Also taking part of the Scandinavian group: Mikkel Bang (NOR), Risto Mattila (FIN), Andreas Wiig (NOR) and Eero Ettala (NOR).

For Austria: Werner Stock and Gigi Rüf. Werner proofed already in Munich that he can compete with the best. Gigi is without a doubt one of the riders with the best style in the international circus and a big name in the USA for quite a time. Germany and Switzerland are represented with one athlete for each: Elias Elhardt (GER) and Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI) are on top form this season already and they will make sure to reach a position among the best of the best.

The Air & Style Champion of 2006 Travis Rice (USA) will return and will celebrate his premiere at the Bergisel. No other rider had such a great influence on snowboarding in the last years like Travis. His movie “That’s it That’s all” inspired people around the world. Chas Guldemond (USA) will also start, he could ensure second place at the end of the Swatch TTR World Tour. His overseas competitors are Seb Toutant (CAN), Pat Moore (USA) and Tim Humphreys (USA). So all 16 positions are assigned and the fans can look forward for snowboarding at its best.

Date/ location   05.12.2009, Bergisel Stadium Innsbruck

Bands    The Hives, K.I.Z.

Tickets for the event are available on the official homepage and at selected partners.

Grand stand: 37,00 Euro (plus presale fees)

VIP: 127,00 Euro (plus presale fees)

Official After Show Party in the location Hafen/Innsbruck

An event like the Billabong Air & Style deserves to end duly and this time the place to be is Hafen (translated: Habour): on three floors you can party and dance.

The crossover legends Clawfinger will remember on the early days of Air & Style – they were one of the first bands in the Bergisel Stadium in 1995. The Swedes will get supported by Lumen from Russia. The tickets cost 15 Euros (plus presale fees). All information and presale offices on

Billabong Air & Style 09/II, 05.12.2009, Straight Jump

1. Peetu Piiroinen   FIN   Burton

2. Antti Autti    FIN   Billabong

3. Risto Mattila    FIN   Flow

4. Werner Stock   AUT   Salomon

5. Seb Toutant    CAN   O’Neil

6. Chas Guldemond   USA   DC

7. Gigi Rüf    AUT   Volcom

8. Travis Rice    NOR   Quicksilver

9. Torstein Horgmo   NOR   DC

10. Tim Humphreys   USA   Flow

11. Elias Elhardt   GER   Rip Curl

12. Mikkel Bang   NOR   Burton

13. Pat Moore    USA   Red Bull

14. Andreas Wiig   NOR   Nitro

15. Iouri Podladtchikov   SUI   Volcom

16. Eero Ettala    NOR   Nitro