Skate Atlas Issue No. 10 Buenes Aires

Fede Gonzalez and the boys from Quilmes are your classic definition of skate rats. They eat, breath and sleep skateboarding.

They have been roaming Buenos Aires and the world for the last 10 or 15 years, filming, skating and living it up with gigantic smiles on their faces every step of the way.
Not only do they all skate and most professionally, they also all play with cameras and shoot photos and make videos of their adventures.


During the filming of this part Skate Atlas also took some time off Buenes Aires to go skate the coast in Mar Del Plata. There they found El Oso (Pablo Sorrentino) and got him to lay down some lovely lines.


Check it out as Fede Gonzales and Friends make their way out of Quilmes and onto your screen.


Additional filming: Santiago Goicoechea

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