Skate Atlas Issue NO.8 Santiago

Skate Atlas have spent the last two and a half months filming around the streets of Santiago, Chile producing ISSUE No. 8.

This vibrant metropolis is home to a lot of highly motivated skaters that we covered in two city montages.
The first one is now available for viewing


Skating at night in Santiago is much different than the day. The center is virtually empty and all the business people have gone home for the night.

There are still many guards, but it’s much easier to get stuff done once the sun has gone down. When we arrived, it was the end of summer and the night time climate was welcome as it provided much more friendly temperatures than during the middle of the day.

Our favorite thing in the entire world is pushing through the streets of a big city at night with 5-10 skaters going as fast as possible. Skating through cars and dodging the elements of the city streets is a feeling that can only be understood by the people that do it. Check out this montage of Santiago’s best shredding through the dark streets of the city.

The Crew: Stavros Razis, Carlos Johannes, Telini, Cucho, Fransisco Varas, Mario Ferrando, Insein, Fabrizio Hernandez, Cohette, Filoko, Christian Elozando, German Pino, Diego Rojas, Christian Navarette, Sejor Leiti, Nicolas Ferrando, Juan Carlos Aliste, Pato Vargas

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