Skate Kabul

Skateistan is a co-educational skateboarding school in Kabul which was established in May 2007.

It was founded by Australian skateboarders Oliver Percovich and Sharna Nolan who first traveled to Afghanistan in February 2007. Skateistan programs engage Afghan children through skateboarding and provide them with greater access to education, healthcare and cultural opportunities. Ever since, Skateistan has been Afghanistan’s first skateboarding school dedicated to teaching both male and female students.

Thanks to help from donations adding up to over $650,000 and support from the Afghan Olympic Committee (which has donated the land for the park and is providing water, power and security) the team behind Skateistan is opening up Afghanistan’s first indoor skatepark. Built by IOU Ramps, skatepark opened at the end of October 2009, with hundreds of spectators, international donors, Afghan dignitaries, supporters, employees and skateboarding kids present. Here are some pictures of the 1.900-square-meter indoor arena.

Skateistan has been given the award for best Non Governmental Organization of the year in Monaco by the Peace and Sport Forum. The program changed the lives of many poor children in Kabul by giving them opportunities to teach skateboarding for money, whereas many of them had been begging in the streets. Skateistan is also having a profound impact on young girls in Afghanistan. Skateboarding is the only public sport available to girls.

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