Issue No. 9 Seattle Is Here!

Skating in Seattle is not always easy. There are 200+ days of rain annually. This wet fact also means that Seattle boasts some of the roughest ground in America.

Add the sea of security guards and skate stoppers that make up downtown and it can easily appear that the odds are against us. Good thing real street dogs know that no one or nothing short of a PD badge will stop us from getting a clip.


It might take some work and patience, but the photogenic spots of downtown Seattle are worth the fight. Block after block, the seemingly endless supply of spots wind down the hills from Capital Hill into downtown.


You don’t need a car in this city to skate because Seattle (the city) is only about three miles wide and five miles long. In this aspect, it is like a miniature San Francisco. But don’t take the miniature too literally as you will fly down some of the monster hills that make up this beautiful and photogenic city.

With: Manik Will, Nik Harper, Dave Perry, Dustin Tysdale, Charlie Kreig, Joel Wilkins, Johnny Materazzo, Delwhappo, Eduard Sednev, TJ Hughes, Dan Ching, Pavel Kulik and Tony Besabe

Additional filming: Manik Will

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