Skipass 2008

So many people, the usual sales, so many chances to meet new people, so many chances to say hello to people you never see, so many chances to party for the riders, with the riders, thank you Vans, Strung Out under the rain, stage diving under the rain, dance loud!, no bmx, shit!, no mtb, 2x shit!, camouflage with the colour of vodka, tigelle, friendship and hail, hangin’about in disguise, an intimate taste in the mind, so few snow, but it will come, so much mud, pump it up! cried1.000 times at least, fried gnocco, more vodka, Armin & Rudy drunk at the RedBull booth, videos, shitty photos, no light at all, famous smiles to common people, skater girls, roast chesnuts to security staff, friends beyond the barriers, finnish snowboarders being afraid of losing their driving license, cadillacs, enchanted groves, loads of deodorant along the aisles, filthy floors after stolen kisses, broken glasses, fondue. There was everything, there was nothing, but you could find whatever, if you just wanted it. And the ambulance that constantly watched over us.

Here… so many people.