Skullcandy draws its sword with the new Terje pro model

There once was a time when a Flying Tomato only popped from a tin can and a 1080 was a funny looking move found in acrobatic skiing. In these dark times, Terje battled sick-viking-forces to progress snowboarding to previously unseen forms – and he hasn’t stopped yet.

For his second signature model with Skullcandy, Terje has chosen the uber sleek Agent to bear his trademarks – the Sword and the Viking helmet.
Designed by Skullcandy’s in-house artist Brandon Christensen, this headphone will appeal both the riders and everyone who’s into style.
Not one to cash in on his legend status Terje is still ripping and raising the stakes, whether it’s a first descent out in the backcountry or re-defining ‘amplitude’ in a quarterpipe.

No wonder he was one of the first riders to join Skullcandy’s team and we’re suitably proud to announce his new collaboration with us.