Slam Trick 2008

As always the Slam Trick manages to be a complete event, which doesn’t leave any time for boredom, brings the people into its arms from one show to another, in a flux of faces and various situations.

Colours and styles of the skate world face its short but intense life. I realise with pleasure that the smooth and precise Old Style comes out again both in tricks and board shapes, and for a second a deep and romantic feeling suggests to me that great films such as ‘Lords of Dogtown’ and ‘Dogtown and Z Boys’ have had a particular influence on the new skate generation.

Saturday flies under the Bel Paese shining and warm sun, while sea and sweat smells create a salty mix diffusing from the Open Contest to the street where the guys, under such incredible adrenaline effect, are still shooting lots of flat tricks. To be honest it’s hard to understand when exactly the evening comes, because the passage from the contest to the beach is sudden, in a route of locales, music, dancing…until arriving at the ‘Boca Barranca’ beach club, where, among huge white pillows and small yellow lights over the sand, you can finally dedicate a moment to the sensation that a sky full of stars fusing with a dark sea can give you, while the sound of the waves makes the world stop for a second to be enjoyed.

Groups of boys and girls are running to have a night swim and I think that breathing all the laughs and the light, right here, right now, quoting a famous singer, is the essence of life.

Sunday has been opened by such a lively atmosphere that it can’t obviously disappoint anyone. Actually the afternoon is hotter than the day before, both in terms of temperature and excitation: the audience has increased during the night (like mushrooms?) and a lot of enormous green hands help the riders to keep their energy up to provide fantastic tricks, all made with an aggressive and very stylish movement.

Shame that all the wonderful experiences have an end….

Special thanks to the Slam Jam Staff, Patrizia, Gianluca, Gros and the Party Gang Italy.