SlamTrick 2008 Freak Out!

Grab your skateboard and a couple of vintage teeshirts, place them into a bandana, a red one would be better, tie it up and hang it on a stick. Then start walking to the closer highway around and start hitchhiking..which way? Marina di Ravenna, Oasi Skatepark at Taverna Bukowski.

Slamtrick, freak out edition, will be under the hippie influence of English artist Fergadelic who gives his freaky view to the contest. Be ready to take out from your garage your vintage Renault 4 and 2 cheval and make them ready to be on the road on the 28th and the 29th of june for the freakin’coolest international skateboarding event.

Fergus Purcell aka Fergadelic is a London based artist who started his first commercial work for Slam City Skates when he was still at High School and kept on working for them even after graduation at Art School.
After few artworks for different brands he was involved into Silas from the begin and with their help he started his own brand called TONITE in 2001.
He is still continuing on that mission today and still love to draw, paint, sew and tattoo.

Same format as past year edition:
a qualification heat on Saturday 28th June from 3pm for those who are not invited to win a place on the final contest. Music selected by Diego from Impact and Strike.
a massive beach party from 5pm will freak you out on Saturday 28th at the Boca Barranca in Marina Romea with a non stop dj set by international artists as: WAY OF THE ANCIENTS (Thomas Bullock_Rub-n-Tug, Map of Africa), Misha from P.A.M./Australia, dj Hendrix, Uovo (pasta boys), Volcov and Fergadelic himself and many other special guests.
On Sunday 29th June, the best skateboarding show as from 4pm to award the best trick, the skater of the day, the freak out trick e the cosmic trick. Special guest deejaying: Nikki (Tropical Pizza).

Slamtrick 2008 is sponsored by CARHARTT, GLOBE, ZOO YORK, STUSSY, ANALOG, ZOO YORK e TONITE leading brands in the boardriding and streetwear industry, and the usual and successful collaboration with M.Casale Bauer, distributor of FENDER in Italy, who will award the best skaters with an acoustic guitar customized by the artist in a special freaky style.
The event is organized in collaboration with the CITY OF RAVENNA.

Stay tuned into for news and updates.