Smith shooting at Gentlemen park in Schnalstal

Several Smith team riders gathered up in Schalstal Glacier for a 5 days shooting on early may with team photographers and filmers Fizza Nicklas Löffler, Frederik Thelen and Tobias Haussmann.

Many though riders came such as Simon Gruber, Fabian Fasnacht, Clemens Jezler, Andre Kuhlmann, Gian Simmen, Aron Holtermann, Janne Korpi, Tini Gruber reprezenting the single deck riders and Kevin Rolland, Andri Ambühl, Arianna Tricomi, Paddy Graham, Nico Zacek, Markus Eder, Matthias Fabbro for the skier faction.

Sadly lookin’ at Sonnenblick Hotel that hosted ’em all almost lost in the fog and snow  covered, guys decided to use it roof as a lauch ramp instead of fallin’ in boredom inside it….cool idea, thoug.