Snow Bike Festival 2016 in Gstaad

The third and final stage was again greeted with fantastic weather and provided for excellent riding conditions. The race started in the promenade in Gstaad. The route took the riders towards Lake Lauenee with the lake itself being one of the most beautiful places you will ever come across.

Johann Tschopp won the stage but it was unfortunately not enough to secure him the overall winner prize as the number of points that Tomas Misser got for the eliminator race leapfrogged him to the top of the table.

[vimeo width=”460″ height=”305″][/vimeo]

Daniel Gathof finish second on stage 3 and third overall together with Julien Conan. To conclude the overall winners for the men’s race are: Tomas Misser in first place, Johann Tschopp in second and with Daniel Gathof and Julien Conan sharing the third place.


For the women Hielke Elferink won the stage and the race, Laura Turpijn came in second on the day and third overall and Alba Wunderlin came in third on Sunday and ended up second overall.