Snow Pop, a Snowskate Testimony

I wanted to document the progression of European snowskating since a very long long time. Very few people now snowskate and to say the sad truth, the average joe knows almost nothing about what does really mean to skate on snow.

The idea to make a film came around after thousand questions like “hey dude , what’s that? It is hard?” These kind of questions have been heard thousand times by my ears while riding down the slopes, and even if my video documentary will most probably never be seen by the average skiers or snowboarders, I think that it could educate somebody.

The project started in November 2009 with some short trips to French and Swiss ski resorts, where we shooted some friends: Lions Delajonx, Chris Guyot and Adri Barat.
After that we broke our piggy banks and booked a flight to Japan to meet up with Shin Biyajima, a fellow snowskater, and Yoshiro Higai a well-known Japanese boardsport photographer.

Shin and Yoshiro introduced us to really cool places; they also brought us to a sacred wood where we hiked 2 hours to reach a shrine and a monastery, then we rode down in the deep pow, surrounded by giant and ancient cedar trees.

We finally got the opportunity to shoot at night near Nagano, were most resorts offer night tickets ‘till 10 pm all week long (that is just great!).
The week we spent in Japan was so great that unfortunately flew awa: once back home, we shooted the last tricks at some local spots before the final video editing.

The outcome is Snow Pop, a Snowskate Testimony: 4 months of shooting, 6 riders, 4 countries (France, Switzerland, Japan and USA), and 50 hours of editing”
Mike Steinhauser
Available for free from May 1st on

Happy Snowskating everyone!! Check out the photobook by Yoshiro Higai.