Snowpark Nesselwang Opening

Street snowboarding at the Snowpark Nesselwang Opening: The first qualifier of the Red Bull Station Riots is about to happen!

On January 6th 2016 the Red Bull Station Riots Qualifier No.1 presented by NITRO Snowboards will take custody of the street snowboard scene at the Snowpark Nesselwang. Until the 3rd of January all motivated jibbers can register online at if they want to defend their shred-hood against the best street snowboarders in the world.


The Snowpark Nesselwang slowly but surely returns to life. But one thing is still missing, the most hardworking employee of the hood: Mother Hulda. After she breathed life into the hood with it’s unique look of the Bronx last year, she went directly into her well-earned summer break. And now when the park is ready to go, we’re only waiting for her.

But if Mother Hulda shows mercy and shakes her pillows again, the official opening of the Snowpark Nesselwang and the first qualifier-event of the Red Bull Station Riots will be on January 6th. The line of the Red Bull Station Riots qualifier No.1 presented by NITRO Snowboards has already been set. During the jam sessions all competitors have to show their “sickest” line from the Elbow Steprail to the Footbridge and onto the Scoreboard- Feature or over the Rainbowbridge. But the NITRO Snowboard Team will set the bar high and only the best lines will qualify for the final of the Red Bull Station Riots on March 3rd 2016. Which snowpark-inmate has committed the most criminal line of the day and therefore is sentenced to join the finals will be proclaimed during the price giving (incl. BBQ).

Take your chance and register for the qualifier No.1 until the 3rd of January at

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