South Beach Miami next up to be enlightened

Red Bull Illume continues on its tour throughout the US, but this time we are hitting the beach – Miami beach!

From May 12 to 22, backlit light boxes will illuminate the 50 finalist images from the 2010 Image Quest every day between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm.

Visitors can witness the illumination of Ocean Drive between 9th and 10th Street as the lights are switched on for the opening night on May 12. Invited guests will be also able to attend a private gala hosted at the Miami Design Preservation League’s Art Deco Welcome Center on the same evening.

The 10-day exhibition will exhibit the world’s best action and adventure sports photography, including shots by Eric Berger (CAN, New Creativity), Miguel Lopez-Virgen (MEX, SanDisk Sequence) and overall winner Chris Burkard (USA, Illumination).

“A lot of who I am and my career and everything I’m based around is because of the images provided by photographers,” says surf legend Robby Naish, the guest of honor at the Red Bull Illume award ceremony.” That’s why it’s so cool that Red Bull is doing this. We get all the glory but it’s constant work with a lot of photographers to make it happen. It’s great to see a platform where the guys on the other side of the lens are getting a bit of attention and respect and reward.”

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