Space Program


September 8 – October 13, 2007
Gagosian Gallery
45 North Camden
Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Yes you have heard it right, Gagosian Gallery is exhibiting Tom Sachs’ funky space odyssey. In addition to the huge, intricately built lunar module that is the centerpiece of “Space Program” (replete with fully stocked booze cabinet, toolkit, and soundtrack necessary for survival on an alien planet) guests will find a fully functioning mission-control unit.

On a grid of monitors, the liturgy of space exploration unfolds in a live demonstration by Sachs and his team, involving countless rituals and procedures, from instrument checks to moon-walking and sample-collecting to splash-down…

If you are lucky enough to be in LA in these days, well, keep those pictures coming!

“Going to the moon was the best art project of the twentieth century” – Tom Sachs