Speed Ski Mountaineering record

It was a truly unique speed ski mountaineering challenge: within only one day, Bernhard Hug (SUI) and Tony Sbalbi (FRA) conquered 7,000 vertical metres of ascent (22965 ft) while crossing a distance of approx. 65km (40,625 miles) – from midnight to midnight!


Ski touring and its competition format speed ski mountaineering are the “trend of the hour”: no other kind of winter sport activity has recently enjoyed such a boom in popularity. This is underlined by the increasing number of international ski touring races and its very own world cup circuit.


To top it all, two professional endurance athletes, Bernhard “Beni” Hug (SUI) and Tony Sbalbi (FRA), attacked seven 4.000m peaks in the Swiss region of Aletsch within only 24 hours.

[vimeo width=”460″ height=”305″]https://vimeo.com/128269990[/vimeo]

At this unique challenge, the two extreme sport athletes went up and down on one of the most famous Swiss mountains. Whereas most athletes would be exhausted after conquering one four-thousander, these two endurance cracks climbed seven gigantic mountains in a row.


Their tour started at Jungfraujoch at 3,428m (11246 ft) sea-level. From there, they ascended Moench (4,108m / 13477 ft) and Jungfrau (4,156m / 13635 ft). Further peaks were Gross Gruenhorn (4,051m / 13290 ft), Gross Fiescherhorn (4,051m / 13290 ft), Hinter Fiescherhorn (4,032m / 13228 ft.) and Finsteraarhorn (4,270m / 14009 ft). From this peak, it was down to the lowest point of their tour, Aletsch Glacier at 2,340m (7677 ft). Finally, they tackled the longest and most tantalizing ascent up to Aletschhorn (4,210 m / 13812 ft). Altogether, Hug and Sbalbi covered a distance of altitude of 7,000 meters in ascent.