Stages Launches at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin played witness to an enormous crowd of Art Fans, Media, Special Guests and Artists, all in support of Stages and Livestrong.
Guests were invited not only to view the amazing art work created by some of todays foremost art talent, but to join in showing their solidarity for Lance Armstrong and Mark Parker’s vision to push art to the forefront in the fight against cancer.

While Stages, as an exhibition and collection of art work was created in order to raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, with the exhibition travelling to NYC on October 2nd, the sheer magnitude of the event here in Paris and the turnout shows a much broader level of support.

Special guests and media flew into Paris from all corners of the globe, showing their support but also enabling the key message to
be delivered back home to their respective parts of the world, enabling us all to unite in supporting this immense cause.

Photos by: Stéphane Feugère and Giovanni Troilo
Courtesy of Nike Inc.