Stalking Ståle

The definition of ‘Stalking’ has been quoted as; ‘a hunt for game carried on by following it stealthily or even waiting in ambush’, ‘someone who prowls or sneaks about’ and ‘the act of following prey stealthily’.

So when it came down to following the Norwegian Snowboarder and Burn Unit team member Ståle Sandbech around with a camera to make a film at the Billabong Air&Style Innsbruck 2011, the title of ‘Stalking Ståle’ seemed more than appropriate.

Now online for everyone to stalk a bit of Ståle for themselves


Follow young Norwegian Burn Unit Ståle Sandbech’s journey through the 2011 Billabong Air&Style.

The film takes a glimpse at the trials, tribulations, massive highs and lowest lows of competing at such a high level in front of a huge expectant crowd in Innsbruck, Austria. Ståle’s experience truly encapsulates the team spirit the Burn Units possess, as he looks past his own injury to support team mate Werni Stock to 3rd place in an epic final battle.

Directed and produced by Johannes Östergård.