Stelvio Pass. I didn’t come here for so long.

Nothing changed. But I’m not surprised. Nothing changes here, from a lifetime.
Anyway, it steadily remains a destination any rider or biker longs to. Hundreds of them gets over the 48 hairpin bends leading to the 2760 meters highest italian car pass. 1800 mts height difference, with average slopes of 9%.

Among bikes and racing cycles, you may meet a snowboarderd from time to time. Especially in July, during the Steak & Ride event. From the pass we reach the glacier, 3450 mts high, where skying is possible from May to October. Here the first summer ski school was founded by Giovanni Pirovano after the 2nd world war. What best than creating also a small snowpark some years ago, thanks to willing arms?

We were there, to Steak & Ride. Some days flying high to cut the head off the routine, regenerate the mind and let our snowboards taste some good snow, during the long summer abstinence.

Here the photobook.

Words: Davide Fioraso / Translation: Fra