Stubai Prime Park Session Recap

From October 24th to November 20th the Stubai Prime Park Sessions took place on the Stubai Glacier. What we’ve seen from the 80 freeskiers and snowboarders from 11 different nations during these four weeks provides a glimpse of what’s to expect this winter season. All of you who could not be there to watch the spectacle live, can check out the two highlight clips of the event.


From October 24th to November 20th 2015 the Stubai Prime Park Sessions on the Stubai Glacier offered ideal training conditions for the world’s best freeskiers and snowboarders for the upcoming international contest season. An extremely relaxed atmosphere, the perfect weather throughout almost the whole time and the progressive setup of the Stubai Zoo, which was praised to the sky by the riders, made these four weeks unforgettable for all the athletes.
Sebbe de Buck for example summarized his time at the Stubai Prime Park Sessions as follows: “Thank you for an insane month with perfect jumps, good weather and awesome peeps.“
As for the snowboarders, the creme of the crop of the scene gathered at the Stubai Glacier to show tricks of the highest difficulty imaginable and with a huge portion of style at the Stubai Zoo. Above all the Scandinavian snowboard-elite who came to the Stubai Prime Park Sessions with riders like Marcus Kleveland, Aleksander Østreng, Ståle Sandbech and Silje Norendal. They enjoyed their time at the Stubai Glacier to the fullest and were pushing each other to new limits each day. Swedish team coach, Jocke Hamer, summarized their time at the Stubai Prime Park Sessions as follows: „It’s been the best training camp I’ve ever been to.“ The fact that 16-year-old Marcus Kleveland stomped his first Quadruple here is also proof that this year’s setup was outstanding. Olympic champion Sage Kotsenburg also had very good things to say about the setup: “I claim it the perfect jump.”

The freeski pros from all around the world were no less stoked by the Stubai Prime Park Sessions and showed every day anew what’s possible, if you provide them with a perfect setup.


You could watch riders like McRae Williams or Øystein Bråten showing spectacular tricks of the highest difficulty on the kickers of the Stubai Zoo, always with huge smiles on their faces. Crowd pleaser Tom Wallisch did not only compliment the setup of the Stubai Prime Park Sessions by saying: „Having too much fun riding these jumps!“ but also for the setup of the regular Stubai Zoo: „Such a fun rail line.“ Also visibly thrilled by his time at Stubai Prime Park Sessions was the Scandinavian superstar Øystein Bråten. He remarked succinctly: “It’s sick here.”

Whether on skis or on a snowboard – all riders had a lot of fun at the Stubai Prime Park Sessions and we’re looking forward to seeing the one or another new trick in the upcoming international contests.

Selection of athletes who attended the Prime Park Sessions 2015:
Eric Willet (USA), Chas Guldemond (USA), Kyle Mack (USA), Aleksander Østreng (NOR), Marcus Kleveland (NOR), Ståle Sandbech (NOR), Torgeir Bergrem (NOR), Silje Norendal (NOR), Sven Thorgren (SWE), Lucien Koch (SUI), Mathias Weissenbacher (AUT), Anna Gasser (AUT), Roope Tonteri (FIN), Peetu Piiroinen (FIN), Janne Korpi (FIN), Seppe Smits (BEL), Sebbe de Buck (BEL), Miyabi Ohitsuka (JAP)

Tom Wallisch (USA), McRae Williams (USA), Chris Laker (USA), Devin Logan (USA), Fabian Bösch (SUI), Andri Ragettli (SUI), Kai Mahler (SUI), Cyrill Hunziker (SUI), Øystein Bråten (NOR), Felix Usterud (NOR), Johan Berg (NOR), Aleksander Aurdal (NOR), Jesper Tjäder (SWE), Henrik Harlaut (SWE), Lukas Joas (GER), Sebastian Geiger (GER), Tobi Müller (GER), Nina Schlickenrieder (GER), Alex Bellemare (CAN)

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