Stubai Zoo Spring Sessions 2016

Whilst elsewhere the snowpark season is slowly but surely coming to an end, the Stubai Zoo, which is located in Austria’s biggest glacier skiing area, the Stubai Glacier, opens its doors from April 9th to May 16th 2016 with a huge setup for spring. With the pro-, medium and jib/easy line every shredder, regardless of his/her riding level, will find the perfect playground to spend a day full of fun. For the first time in the history of the Stubai Zoo, the Spring Sessions are all about the “DC Copy & Paste Sessions”.


On April 9th it’s finally that time of the year again: The long awaited Stubai Zoo Spring Sessions 2016 take place at the Stubai Zoo! In order to celebrate the brilliant spring setup straight away, we invite all shredders on this day to the DC COPY & PASTE BBQ. Next to delicious meat from the grill, all snowboarders can look forward to a cash for tricks session together with some DC pros. For 1000 Euros in cash the boys from DC do not only want to see you eating sausages from the grill, but even more to show your skills in the park. If you impress the pros, you can be sure to walk away with some pocket money.


Following this motto, in the five weeks from April 10th to May 16th the, the DC COPY & PASTE SESSIONS will take place at the Stubai Zoo. During this time, we will post a video onto our Facebook and Instagram pages every week, in which a DC pro performs a trick on a certain obstacle in the park. From that day on, all ambitious snowboarders have exactly one-week time to accurately imitate this trick on the predetermined obstacle in the Stubai Zoo and to post us their copy-trick onto the wall of our Facebook page. The one rider, who does the trick in the most stylish or craziest way and convinces us with his copy-trick, will be rewarded for his efforts with cool goodies from DC. Then the whole thing starts again from the beginning: another obstacle, another trick, but the same principle. For the final of the DC COPY & PASTE SESSIONS, we’ve come up with something special: Just to make sure that you don’t’ get bored, we will post a trick, where you bindings will pop open. Here you should really try to deliver the best copy-version of this banger trick, because the winner does not only get some DC outerwear and a brand new DC board, but also a shooting with a DC pro and a DC filmer at the Stubai Zoo. We think that should be a pretty good motivation to really try your best at the DC COPY & PASTE SESSIONS.


In order to put down the famous Stubai Zoo spring setup for the DC COPY & PASTE SESSIONS and the welcome BBQ on April 9th, the Schneestern crew gathers a few days earlier at the Stubai Zoo to make sure the park is in perfect condition. In the pro line, three kickers with 14, 16 and 18 meters table guarantee proper airtime. Furthermore, you can look forward to obstacles like the high rail, the cannon, the double kinked industry and many more. The medium-line will surely thrill all advanced riders this spring with a setup that can be seen: In addition to numerous boxes and rails four kickers with 6 meter tables and four kickers with 10 meter tables are waiting to be shredded.
In the easy/jib line there will be – next to normal rails and boxes – also particularly creative obstacles like the Triple Step, the double kinked tank or the Rainbow Bridge. As a new member of the Stubai Zoo obstacle crew, we give a warm welcome to the fun post box. Freestyle beginners will love the Stubai Zoo as well: On two easy jumps the feeling of flying can be practiced and on the small boxes, jibbing can be learnt.


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