Superenduro 2017, ready to Go

The new Superenduro season goes live with the announcement of the first round racecourse: the Cingolani Rokketta Legend Superenduro is scheduled for the 20th and 21st of May 2017 and its start line will be in Piazza Mazzini, Gualdo Tadino town centre.

Thanks to the Enduro Italian Championship and to various regional competitions, it starts to be clear who is going to be a key player within each team. With the opening of the Superenduro Series the challenge amongst the best riders kicks off in Italy: they will be in the spotlight during this entire new season and they will be able to excite the public and professionals more and more during each round, until the grand finale of Santa Margherita Ligure.
For the first time Superenduro chooses a venue in Umbria, visiting a region in the hearth of Central Apennines nestled between beautiful mountains and ancient hamlets pervaded by a warm and welcoming culture.

Gualdo Tadino event has been carefully organized by the GS Avis crew of Gualdo, in collaboration with AET (Appennino Enduro Trophy) and with our Manuel Ducci.
“We are massively excited about hosting one of the Superenduro rounds: joining other important venues hosting the Series is a real honour. Being able to introduce this place and our trails to such a big number of riders offers us a unique opportunity. We don’t really want to miss this chance: the crew is working hard and the results are fantastic. We look forward to the riders’ feedback, but we are quite confident that it will be great“, says Mirco Belardi, President of GS Avis Gualdo Tadino.

The racecourse consists of five Special Stages: four mountain stages and a town-based final one, for a total of 36 km and 1600 m of climbing.
There will be mountain sections marked with tape run across the meadows, in French style, followed by pine woods, chestnut and thick oak forests; grass and soft ground followed by rock-strewn trails and even the bed of a stream.
There are no exceptional technical sections: the stages are all very good fun and have a great flow. For this reason, making a difference will not be that easy and there will be a lot of elbow-to-elbow battling, at every level of the ranking.

Some racecourse sections are really spectacular: they will become true classics. Above all, the first section of PS1. A course tape-marked across mountain meadows at 1400m of elevation along a ridge which is the boundary between Umbria and Marche region. It is simply a magic place and if we are lucky we will be able to spot the Adriatic sea from there.
Follow this link to get all race info, including details about venue and accommodations, what to see etc. You will also find, as usual, the map and the GPS tracks for download.
Superenduro website hosts the Virtual Tour of the racecourse, to better understand the race set up, what are the Special Stages and the transfers and how they look like.
This, combined with the onboard footage that is available on the Redbull Bike channel, will really give you the full picture of the event. You will be able to know the race in detail and to check it out beforehand.


21-05 Gualdo Tadino (PG)
18-06 Canazei (TN)
16-07 La Thuile (AO)
10-09 Varano (PR)
22-10 Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)

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Superenduro is a format for mountain biking competitions, based on the discipline commonly referred to as enduro or all-mountain riding. The main goal of the Superenduro philosophy is to create a universal racing format, accessible by every mountain biker without the need to purchase any special equipment other than the bike he/she uses every weekend, which at the same time is challenging enough even for professionals, which awards the most well-rounded riders who posses the skills to ride fast in the Special Stages and to cover the Transfer Stages efficiently and within the imposed time limits.
Superenduro racers ride along the course in a sorted group of friends, thus being able to replicate the friendly environment of an everyday ride while sharing the competitive spirit of the event. The sensations of a Superenduro race are not the stress and tension usually associated with competitions but more similar to the good feeling everyone enjoys after a day of riding on beautiful trails, in an amazing landscape, with his friends..

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