Superenduro 2017

After the huge success of the 2016 comeback, Superenduro is pleased to announce the 2017 new, exciting racing calendar.
From Umbria, to Trentino-Alto Adige, throughout Valle d’Aosta, Emilia-Romagna and Liguria regions, the 2017 edition of the Superenduro series will keep the athletes busy with five different rounds, each of them characterized by its own unique flavour, selected amongst many candidates with the aim of offering everyone, again, an unforgettable experience.

Kick-off time in May, precisely on the 21st, with a new entry, Gualdo Tadino, in the province of Perugia. A stunning location steeped in history, immersed in the lush greenery of Umbria. The recce really made the staff fall in love with the place: with the guys of the local association ASD G.S. Avis Gualdo Tadino they have been able to really enjoy this terrain and the special ‘taste’ of the trails in this amazing corner of our beautiful Italy.

The season will then crack on with the round of Canazei, a resort that has been key during the 2016 edition of the series, when a wet race day allowed everyone to sample just a small amount of the flavour and potential of this venue. The FassaBike crew have already spotted and started to work on new lines that will host, amongst peaks and dolomite massifs, the second round of the series on the 8th of June.




For the third round of the series on the 16th of July, the Superenduro convoy will reach a destination that has already written one of the most beautiful pages of the World Enduro history by winning the Pinkbike Award for ‘Enduro Race of the Year’: we are talking of La Thuile, Valle d’Aosta. There, Enrico Martello and the crew of La Thuile MTB School will definitely be able to amaze everyone again with one of the most spectacular and tough races in the calendar, under the overwhelming presence of the imposing, Mont Blanc.

For the fourth round, and for the first time, Superenduro will join another prestigious event. The Superenduro paddock will literally blend with the Bike Summer Festival, a bike fair scheduled in Varano for the 10th of September, putting together an Event Village as never seen before. We are confident that this round, boasting amazing trails carved in the badlands of Romagna together with a paddock area full of enthusiasts and industry booths, will definitely be something extraordinary.

For the fifth and last stop of the season, on the 22nd of October, we will be back to Liguria, where S. Margherita Ligure will offer the perfect seaside to celebrate the grand final of this ninth season for the national series Superenduro, as well as the second edition for the E-MTB category. Mind-blowing trails prepared by the crew of Portofino Bike and rays of autumnal light will frame the last round that we hope will still mean an open challenge in all categories!

Industry rumours, with a number of bike changes and big names’ moves between different teams, show a state of ferment: Superenduro is glad to offer the best way to give vent to all this excitement and to offer top notch terrains for the new challenges: top-quality trails and world-class selected destinations.

Many changes are in store for the 2017 season with two more Enduro World Series Qualifier Event, important communication and E-Bikes partnerships and much more that will be announced as we will get closer to the big GO!




21-05 Gualdo Tadino (PG)
18-06 Canazei (TN)
16-07 La Thuile (AO)
10-09 Varano (PR)
22-10 Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)

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