Superenduro B Road, good first take!

The gamble paid off. First of all Superenduro B Road caused interest, later on it surprised and finally it has been able to seduce a hundred and twenty riders that took part to the “enduro experiment on road bikes”, invented by Franco Monchiero. Sunshine, wine and the engaging atmosphere of this new format really made the rest!


The riders on the start line were organized in groups of six, with the go given every minute, in order to make the transfers a sort of social ride. Sport enthusiasts and amateurs took part, but they were not alone. A number of people working in the industry were also there, trying to understand and get their head around not this event in particular but the whole movement Superenduro B-Road is talking to and what it stands for. Important personalities from Italy, from the States and from France were on the start line to personally test the format. Now we know that they will go back home thinking that Italy is still able to innovate.


For sure, part of the event’s success and of the riders’ enjoyment are due to the beauty of the Langhe landscapes, even more delightful on such a sunny day, to the incredible hospitality, to the delicious products from the area offered along the course and to the impeccable organization by the Superenduro staff. But, as it was a race, and a tough one, the public and the media got pumped by the battle for the victory, exciting and fought until the last meters.


Stefano Corino and Andrea Bugnone made everyone hold their breath for almost seven hours! The time difference between the two of them had always been minimal and on the finish line of the last Special Stage in the paddock area at La Morra, the people couldn’t wait any longer the final results. On the finish line, they were all waiting in suspense to know the final winner…the time gaps were so tight. Finally, Corino got the highest step on the podium with only 2 tenth of a second (in 1 hour and 15 minutes of timed stages) advantage on Bugnone. Emanuele Poli was third with 3:26 from the first.

Among the ladies, Angela Stefani got the victory on Elena and Valentina Busin, two sisters who were second and third respectively.


Big compliments to all the finishers of the first edition of Superenduro B-Road, because they believed in a type of events that has not yet been assigned to a specific category and because they made it to the end in a race which was, besides exciting and good fun, really tough: 110 km up and down different kinds of terrain, sometimes very hard as the long climb of Salita dei Campioni in PS3 or really rough as la central section of PS2, the Red Bull special stage.

The organizers’ effort has been important, as well, and the help of their partners has been critical. Scott, Ritchey, Pedaled, Effetto Mariposa, Santacruz, Brooxs, Red Bull, Muc Off, Associazione RDR, Mangialonga, Cantina Contratto, Cantina Comunale di La Morra, Barolo Night, Studio di Fisioterapia Leonardo Piano and the towns of La Morra, Bossolasco, Niella Belbo, Feisoglio, Cravanzana, Borgomale made all of this possible. They also gave a serious hand during the event and supported the communication part.


Now everyone is awaiting Superenduro B-Road #2 with impatience. The feedback gathered is massive and various. A few adjustments will be necessary, a few details will need to be polished, but something that until yesterday was no more than a bet is now real. The curiosity that made people be there is now being substituted by the expectation and the desire of taking part, to discover how B-Road will surprise again during its next edition!

Be Open To New Roads!