Karim Amour wins again in Sestri Levante

A beautiful sunny day welcome the first PRO race in Sestri Levante, a right setting to the real triumph of the happening! More than 350 people arrived from all over Italy and not only to take part of the national Superenduro circuit and, taking in to account the 150 children running the first Trofeo (Trophy) MECI, this week-end at least 500 bikers were riding around the seafront cycle track.

A very large public crowded the paddock area, from where it could keep a watch on the various phases of the race, walking and lingering around the colourful stands, a long with the unstoppable speaker’s voice.

The spectators, however, could enter furthermore in the high point of the race, thanks to the shuttle offered by A.S.D. RIVASAMBA H.C.A., in one of the most spectacular route of the entire course, along the rocky crest steeply overlooking the sea, which is a characteristic of the final track of the special fourth, S. Anna. And the fun was not limited to the race, but it lasted till the late evening with the prize-giving of the final ceremony of the season 2009 and the live performance of the blues band Guitar Ray & The Gamblers.

Superenduro once again hits the mark, proving a successful promotional vehicle, capable of increase the value of the landscape of the area and beyond.
The success was about the wonderful local organization, just as miles awarded organization is confirmed really exceptional.

The Gruppo Sportivo CRAL, Vigili del Fuoco (Firefighters) of Chiavari, together with Cicli Punto Sport and Tregin Bike Bargone has created a race worthy of being called PRO, successful on all fronts: a stunning landscape, breathtaking tracks and beautiful locations, excellent facilities (wash for bikes and warm showers, rich refreshment based on tasty flat bread (focacce) and cakes with other delicious specialties typical of the region Liguria, up to the giant television screen placed at the interior of the new tent race direction at disposal of all the bikers and the public to watch live timing of the special technical performance tests).

A full competition, with the height standard canons of races PRO, from the prologue Saturday in the heart of Sestri, that through the historical downtown streets has reached the sea almost to dive in, until the fast is the first special test and the very technical fourth one. Four hours punctuated by the exciting difficult slope, repeated twice, a track from the country leading to St. Bartholomew’s gate.

With this first stage PRO you really do get down in the highlight of the Superenduro season and begin to emerge the real specialists in this discipline. To bring home the victory, in fact, it was the French Karim Amour, one of the best interpreters in the world in the Enduro. For the second consecutive year Karim confirms himself as the fastest on the Sestri Levante tracks, winning every special race, including the opening competition on Saturday.

Behind him, Andrea Bruno and David Sottocornola, fighting for second position, prove to be the two better Italian Superenduro bikers at top shape, considering also the results of the first two Sprint. Lorenzo Suding is ranked fourth, just ahead of Gambirasio who also played the SE2. Following Marco Rodolico, Andrea Ferrero and Enrico Dalfitto before the local biker Ronny Rossi, tied with the Polisportiva CRAL Firefighters, who gained an excellent ninth place.

To overcome among women was Elisa Canepa, who put the wheels in front of Alia Marcellini, a promising young downhill that is beginning to be noticed even in enduro. Third was Maria Federica Zanotto.

Very well performed either Bruno Zanchi, first in SE4 and twelfth in overall contests, and both Giovanni Barbolini and Davide Guelfo, respectively first position of SE5 and SE1.

How to conclude if not wishing that local government administrations take example from Sestri Levante, which puts forward the essential elements for the proper and successful development of Mountain Biking reality, to start from Mayor Andrea Lavarello, present and involved in both the days, not only as an authority, but also as a protagonist. More on www.superenduromtb.com

Photos by Alessandro Belluscio, courtesy of Superenduro.