Superenduro Pro 2 – Limone

The Superenduro season is about to enter the most intense period with two sprint stages in a row, leading to the first weekend of July, the date of the debut of Italy’s best loved gravity circuit in Limone Piemonte.

The riders that will attend this race, hosted by a territory now known not only for winter sports but also for the wonderful mountain bike trails served by lifts, can consider them self part of the history.

We’re not exaggerating, this second race of the PRO circuit 2011 will be remembered as the first edition of the Italian Superenduro recognized by the FCI, which from this season supports all the races of the series.

Limone Piemonte firmly believes in Superenduro as a vehicle for promoting tourism. The discipline is growing worldwide as well as it’s specific market for a large family of products, now offered by most companies in the mountain bike world.

After an initial inspection of the territory by the Superenduro staff the opinion was unanimous: this place is crazy! The special stages chosen for the second PRO of the season and Italian Superenduro Championship are among the most beautiful ever seen in a Superenduro race! Who will miss this appointment could repent himself bitterly either for not having helped to write a page of history of mountain biking and also for having lost many fantastic special stages that are only waiting for the Superenduro riders to come.

On Friday 10th at 18:30 at the Hotel Holiday Inn, in Cherasco (CN), there will be the official press conference for the presentation of the Italian Superenduro Championship, which will coincide with the second PRO stage of Limone Piemonte.
There are no excuses, the weekend of 2-3 July we wait you all in Limone Piemonte!