Swatch TimeLine feat. Xavier de Le Rue

TimeLine will get you behind the scenes access to exclusive footage of Xavier de Le Rue’s season.

Xavier de Le Rue is a French pro snowboarder and mountain lover and this is at the core of all he does. Watching the arresting clips, you’ll discover what it takes to film a big mountain video part, to explore new zones in the hearth of the alps and what is happening during a glacier train trip and jumping cliffs through Switzerland. It will show you team efforts of passionate friends to seek the best lines and best snow and use the best mountains as playground.


TimeLine crew along with The North face team decided to explore some of Switzerland best resorts using the unique Glacier Express train. Going through the Swiss Alps from Zermatt to St Moritz, it’s the perfect out of time mean of transportation to access some of world’s best resorts. It’s actually called “express” as you don’t need to change trains through your journey, but it couldn’t be any slower which is great as the view was impressive the whole trip.
A strong wind and arctic cold front didn’t help Xavier de Le Rue to find good spots easily, but efforts paid off and he could find fresh snow and nail good turns and cliff drops to enjoy each stop of the trip.

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