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  • Coldfocus Productions update

    Our dude Matteo Maggi teamed up with Cristina Pecci and Brando Giannoni to keep his Coldfocus Production to keep on running

  • Sequence Snowboarding presents Cold Focus New Video Ashley

    Coldfocus is back with the last chapter of his snowboard video saga

  • Transitmies: Stefano Bergamaschi uploaded now

  • Transitmies: Stefano Bergamaschi uploaded now

    Stefano Bergamaschi is the name and he knows the game: the guy is one of the only two invited from Matteo to appear in his new work and his riding speaks for himself

  • Siberia Teaches teaser

    Their goal is to film urban snowboarding, and they end up discovering how beautiful that unknown country is.

  • Transitmies – Coldfocus productions: another brick in the wall

    Matteo Maggi and his crew spent another cold and snowy winter on the road to put togheter another Coldfocus Classic.

  • Tomi Passi, lost passports and Transiberian holidays..

    Totally like to try to use imagination as much as possible and be creative, it starts to feel a bit boring and brainless to start doing those same rails all over again year after year so totally trying not to get stuck anywhere…

  • Coldfocused people: Juha Blid

    After following Coldfocus videos since the very beginning and collaborating with them in the last couple years, I felt curious to know something more about one of the longest-lived finnish rider in the Matteo Maggi flicks

  • Transiberian trip memories

    Several month has passed since Matteo Maggi, Andrea Schilirò and the rest of the coldfocus crew returned home from their culturail trip called Transiberian..

  • Ruggine 2.5 Turbodiesel Premiere

    Ruggine 2.5 Turbodiesel, the newborn by Coldfocus Productions, will be premiered in the main producer Native Rome, on October 9th, at Brancaleone Club.

  • Coldfocus Revealed

    Matteo Maggi is the man behind the pseudonym Coldfocus. He produces quality snowboard video since 2004, but in the last seasons he added a surplus value to his products by exploring a new territory.

  • Ruggine 2.5 teaser released

    Coldfocus and Block10 teamed up again for another succesful snowboard project with a quite unique name: Ruggine 2.5 TD. Unique is the perfect adjective for the whole project, ’cause with their advanced skills, Matteo Maggi and Luca Merli gave to snowboard flick a new meaning: snowboard video as documentary and art expression, life experience and…