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  • Everybody’s goin’ full sussed!

    After reading something about 4X full suspended bikes some times ago, I asked myself “But which is the real difference between a 4X full sussed and a slopestyle full sussed?”

  • DMR Team at Middenberm Trails

    The boys from DMR Bikes (Olly Wilkins,Sam Reynolds, Ray and Blake Samson) get over to the Land of the Dutch..

  • Today was a good day

    Edo is a smart guy. His love for mountainbiking is indisputable, as much as his effort to reach his targets. He seems he’s always a good time if he feels pedals under his feet, no matter if it’s to run fast, to jump or to dare hard down the mountains.

  • Anti Days of Thunder

    Return of the most unconventional and most fun orientated freeride competition in mountain biking, the one and only ANTI Days of Thunder is back for 2009 – from June 29th to July 4th.

  • Big in Bavaria

    he biggest names in the bike business confirmed their attendance at the BIG IN BAVARIA dirt jump comp in Munich on July 25th and 26th.

  • Out of Bounds Weekend

    The annual Out of Bounds Weekend features a unique combination of mountain bike freeride competitions in 2009: The Austrian Downhill Championships, an iXS European DH Cup, as well as the legendary 26TRIX dirt jump contest. But Bikepark Leogang’s dirt line and the “Speedster” racetrack aren’t the only hot spots during the extended weekend from July…

  • Andreu Lacondeguy wears Oakley

    Andreu Lacondeguy is the latest member of the Oakley mountain bike team. The recently signed contract marks the beginning of a long-term partnership.

  • Darren Pokoj is back in business

    After a bad injury in the middle of the year, Darren Pokoj dominated the international Nissan Dirt Jump comp during the last day of the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany.