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  • Les Alpes à pignon Fixe – Teaser

    On July 12, 2014 at noon, Thierry Saint-Léger and Simon Kirscher left Evian with the aim to join the city of Nice with fixed gear.

  • Hallowheels Cat

  • INVICTA supports ESPRESSO – Torino Bike Messengers

    Another interesting collab from Invicta: the famous Italian backpack brand is goin’ green!

  • Love&Travel ATH

    Athens fixed scene is hot and this nice video from PERVS entertainment is a clear evidence! Much props to Ken Adams for the clip.

  • Cosmic³

    40 of Europes best hardcourt bicycle polo teams came together to compete in the 1st European Polo Championships held in London.

  • One gear No idea

    Chris take on fix gear riding, this film documents chris’s very first fixed gear riding sessions.

  • Mash SF

    Mash is a collective of fixed bikers, a film production, is way to push the track bikes limits…is whatever. What we found really interesting is their video featuring a 9 das trip around California with each kind of condition.

  • From London to Paris

    Cycling on fixed gear bicycles from London to Paris. These global track bike enthusiasts are ready for the challenge of the English countryside and hilly French terrain, while getting into antics every kilometer of the way.

  • Yellow Ride

    Starting at Parisian Fixed Gear hotspot, Cyclopes, the Paris’ Fixed Gear community made its way through a specially designed route passing colette, where the Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey and KAWS Art Bikes are displayed.

  • Stash in Traffic

    Hey guys, say Hi to our new friend Ken Adams! There’s no need to add further words beside check this cool fixed ride in the very middle of the Athens Traffic.

  • Urban Velo Mag

    Urban Velo Mag is an amazing magazine for all the fixed gear lovers. It comes from the U.S.A, of course and it’s fully downloadable pdf format from the website. It contains itw’s, reviews, fixed stories and much more. It surely worth a download!