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  • Knog Launch Limited Edition Apparel

    Knog are excited to announce our “dipping of the toe” in the apparel water with a limited edition range: Knog x Leave Pass.

  • pwr – Not just another bike light

    Knog, the Australian brand for bike and outdoor, is launching what it believes to be a game changing product, “PWR”. Pronounced “power” it is an ecosystem of bike and outdoor products that use the same battery. Just like modular power tools such as Ryobi ONE+, once you get your hands on one battery, you can…

  • New bits from Knog

    Knog in the last months has released a new light, two padlocks and a new bike bell.

  • Knog No Ordinary Night Film Contest – Last Few Weeks

    The Knog No Ordinary Night film contest is heating up as it heads in to its final 6 weeks. There have been some awesome entries & some crazy WTF entries too.

  • Knog Launch No Ordinary Night 2016

    Great news! The Knog No Ordinary Night Film contest is back for 2016 & it’s gonna be HUGE.

  • Knog launches revolutionary new bell on Kickstarter

    Australian cycling accessory brand Knog – known best for its Frog and Blinder lights – has launched a remarkable new style of bicycle bell today.

  • Knog launch 21 New products at Eurobike

    Global cycling accessory brand have a lot to talk about, but don’t want to be boring.

  • Open Arc Surgery

    The Worldwide Technology Foundation (WTF) have gained clearance from German and US authorities to scrutinise the 3 new ranges of bike lights from Australian design brand Knog at Eurobike and Interbike respectively.

  • Knog No Ordinary Night Film Festival – It’s a wrap

    It’s not every day you hear of a party that starts at the same time (on the clock at least) on the same day in 6 different cities around the world.

  • Knog Milkman Combo

    Knog recently upgraded their Milkman cable lock. The new Milkman Combo is a Combination Lock with 10,000 possible combinations.

  • Knog launches NEW Milkman combo

    Knog have just launched a brand new bike lock, perfect for road riders and those cafe commutes – the Milkman Combo.

  • Knog launches No Ordinary Night film contest

    Not known for doing things by halfs, global accessories brand Knog has geared up to launch a film comp like no other.

  • Knog enter the action with the [QUDOS]

    Knog is well known for its fantastic lights matching every biker’s taste. But as the world is not enough for them, its designers came to launch a brand new product: it’s a light expressly created to make your night rides videos perfectly lighted, to be mounted on GoPro or to any action cam compatible with…

  • Knog [QUDOS] The world’s first action cam light

    Surfing after sunset. Riding at midnight. Diving to new depths: the immaculately designed [qudos] action video light will highlight the night.

  • Knog Party Combo lock

    Knog, those guys from Melbourne bring you the Party Combo lock. Long, Bendy, Hard-Cored And Smooth To Touch.

  • Win a Knog Blinder & Bounce combo

    Knog is currently running a competition giving fans the chance to win a Blinder Arc 1.7 & Bouncer U-Lock. The perfect Knog combo!

  • Knog 2014 lights, thumbs up!

    After testing them in the cold european winter, here we are, ready to present their pros.

  • Knog Blinder Road 3

    With the release of the Blinder Road 3 light Knog brings to you its brightest and most technically superior light to date.

  • Knog DPOS units hit the stores

    Introducing you to our latest In Store Merchandising System, the innovative Knog Digital Point Of Sale units.

  • Knog Strongman is the most secure bike lock

    Knog Strongman stiftung warentest German Test Authority. Bikes are easy prey for thieves. Even the most expensive locks do not always provide a high level of security. Picture this: An inconspicuous person is standing next to a bike, then at the appropriate moment they pull out a tool, remove the lock and ride off on…

  • Blinder Road 3 Release


  • Knog Blinder 3 Video

    You may have already heard the rumours that Knog is unleashing a follow up to its hugely successful Blinder Road 2 light that was released earlier this year?

  • Knog Film Festival

    As you may have heard, Knog are in the process of running the first (of many) Knog Film Festival in sunny Melbourne.

  • Knog Strongman – Lock in Freedom

    Introducing to you the toughest, rock solid Knog U-lock, the high-security and bike scratchproof Strongman.