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  • Carnival Bmx Jam 2014

    The Carnival BMX Jam returns for its sixth edition. Saturday, March 1, 2014 @ Parco Lambro in Milan

  • Boneless 2013

    A.S.D. Mogliano H.C. Skateboarding and Trivel, in collaboration with Etnies, present Boneless 2013

  • Milano Bmx Street Jam

    Sunday, October 11th, Nosoccer and Callemarconi presents the first Bmx Street Jam (during the Bicycle Film Festival).

  • U.R.O. unidentified riding objects

    No Soccer 5th Birthday Jam. In a skatepark in Bergamo located in Alzano Lombardo, in the middle of a green area besides a river, people assisted to a strange cult of creatures riding bmx

  • Carnival Jam

    The first BMX Jam of the season. Saturday 21 February @ Parco Lambro (Milan – Italy). Cold Beers, BBQ, goodies for the best disguises. Supported by Nosoccer.com, Callemarconi, Federal and Iuter. Check out this page on Nosoccer for all the info.

  • Bmx, beer, love, fantasy and grilled meat.

    Bored? No more wishes to go out?Always the same things to do and the same company? Don’t loose your liveliness, nobody would like you anymore, your depression would go deeper and no advantage would come from it.

  • Keepod Bmx Contest, Milan

    What’s worse than not having days off duty? Having days off duty to spend with relatives during Eastern holidays.

  • Nosoccer.com

    The third version of nosoccer.com is up and running. More contents, a new forum and a complete restyling, everything about the italian BMX community. Check now www.nosoccer.com