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  • Ray Demski’s icy night

    Red Bull Illume recently caught up with Ray Demski, finalist from the 2010 Image Quest, to discuss his latest night ice shoot…

  • Tommaso Varriale Interview

    Tommaso Varriale is an italian surfer and freelance photographer. Tommaso began to travel around the world since the early years of his life. From his own travels was born the passion for photography.

  • Hengki Koentjoro

    He now lives in Jakarta where he specializes in fine art photography both underwater and on land.

  • Skateboard Girls

    Chen Man is an incredibly active photographer from Beijing and catapulted onto the scene with her shots for Vision Magazine, which were combined with computer-generated 3-D images. See below the project titled Skateboard Girls. The series was done a few years ago when Chen Man was just starting to make a name for herself, so…

  • Right Coast

    Dedicating part of my time in photographic research, I want to share with you some projects that I find on the web. One of these is Right Coast of Susannah Ray.

  • CWC Tasmania

    As part of a year long creative brief, Huck Magazine have challenged five different photographers to capture the struggle, the triumph and bitter

  • Diana F+ SLR Adaptors

    With the Diana F+ SLR adaptors you can now introduce the whole range of Diana F+ lenses and accessories to your 35mm Canon EOS or Nikon F series cameras. Simply attach and twist the SLR adaptor to the Canon EOS or Nikon F mounts and then you are ready to slap on your Diana weapon…

  • Red Bull Illume

    The best action and adventure sports photographs. Celebrated, honored and exhibited around the world. After the spectacular success of its inaugural edition, Red Bull Illume returns for a second competition.

  • Tommy Larsen Interview

    Tommy Larsen is a young Norwegian photographer who has blown me away with his work and from whom we will hear from again in the near future. I wanted to get to know him better but, even more, I wanted to get you to know him.

  • The Art of Skateboarding Photography

    A stunning chronicle of a youth movement as seen through the lens of Mike Blabac, a man who is as dedicated to his craft as he is to the skateboarding lifestyle that inspired it.

  • La Serpe Marco Marzocchi

    Marco “Marzok” Marzocchi is a truly talented human being. Beginning in the early 90’s as innovative skater, he transferred his creativity into photography, the thing that he call work, at the moment. But Marzok is more than this, he’s an avid old fanzine collector, he’s an Hardcore/Punk music living encyclopedia. Now he’s part of La…

  • TeenTrash Updated..

    Our friend Ale Formenti updated his crazy portfolio Teentrash with some fresh pics taken from his NYC experience and daily life stills. Check it out! www.teentrash.org

  • 7/400

    Visual résumé of a week begun in Milano, through Verona, to Modena for 6 days to Lance and Fra. 7 days at 400 iso, fixed through a 50 and a 15 mm lens. Humid and rainy days, soil drops and tyres too slick, north shores and unbelievable plays of light, sprawls of leaves and silence,…

  • Ms Larsen – Remember and Warn!

    Photo Book Launch Party & Exhibition. Saturday November 15th 2008 @ Case Decorate, Via Taglio 58 – Modena – Italy from 20:00 – free admission

  • Walter Pieringer: the portfolio

    Walter Pieringer is a photographer based in Austin, Texas. He has completed editorial and commercial assignments in more than a dozen countires

  • KONA Shoot The Ride photo contest

    Take shots of your bike, your friends railing trail, hanging out at the coffee shop, as long as it captures an element of the riding lifestyle, we’ll take it. Send in your best photograph and be eligible for cash credit prizes at the Kona USA webstore. International submissions welcome. 1st Place $500 Kona Store Shopping…

  • Nicola Carignani new Italian Insight 51 ambassador

    Nicola Carignani is a dreamer, a shooter, a world traveller and a surf lover. Insight 51 is an Australian original brand in love with surf, art and self expression. The brand fitted perfectly the carachter so Insight 51 made Nicola their Italian ambassador through their Italian dealer. Welcome Nicola, check immediately out his new web…

  • Shots From The Pit Showcase

    After two years in the frontline among people, sweat, dust, amps, rock stars and their guitars Luca Benedet collect his shots in this photo exhibition.