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  • Gigi Rüf Full Part in Perceptions

    This is Gigi Rüf´s full part gathering all his shots of #Perceptions!

  • Perceptions, snowboarding teaser

    Pirate Movie Production are happy to present their smoking hot 4K teaser „PERCEPTIONS“ co-produced by Red Bull Media House.

  • 40 sec slams Gigi+Manuel

    What goes up must come down! Most of the time things go well and the stuntman rides away smooth.

  • Spotlight – Sami Luhtanen

    Sami Luhtanen is a good kid! If you haven´t seen his part in “Distorted Reality” you should definitely check out this spot light edit – he kills it!

  • 4funfun – Gigi und Danny

    Join Gigi and Danny on a powderfull trip to Retallack, Canada followed by some fun runs at home.

  • AK fun runs with Elias and Gigi

    Elias Elhardt and had a really good time in Alaska – so this is what we couldn´t fit into his “Distorted Reality” part as well as a guest appearance of Gigi Rüf!

  • Fun Runs with Elias Elhardt

    Have you seen Elias part in “Distorted Reality” yet? It´s out for free to watch!

  • New pirate TV edits

    There are two new pirate TV edits waiting to be watched.

  • Pirate TV 2013

    After finishing the snowboard movie “Distorted Reality” Pirate Movie Production definetly needed some rest.

  • The Epic VFX teaser (Distorted Reality)

    In a perfectly distorted world snowboarders can do what ever they want … or … what ever a crazy director thinks would be cool

  • Distorted Reality snowboard movie now on iTunes

    Distorted Reality snowboard movie now on iTunes


    Pirate Movie Production are proud to present the latest action snowboard film and want to invite you to join a surreal trip

  • New snowboard movie by Pirate Movie Production

    After the great success of „Unique8“ the goal was to top the production values and bring you an unforgettable snowboard viewing experience either on the big screen in cinemas or on your laptop screen – Red cameras, dollies, steady cams and helicopters – you name it

  • Bottom Line on Itunes

    The price you gotta pay to get it and enjoy on your IPad whenever you want is less than $ 6, so c’mon, get your card and press download!

  • Jolly Rogers by Pirate Movie Productions

    Two dozen riders from 12 different countries caught on 16 mm,each bringing their unique style and together raising the flag once again. The crew chased shots across 3 continents, from the mountains of Salt Lake City to the alpine snowfields of Kitzbuhel to the active volcanoes of Kamchatka.