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  • It’s War!

    Freestylers of any age and level, ski or snowboard, will have the chance to hit the Rip Curl Village Hip & Rail jumps for free throughout fifteen of the most famous spots in Europe.

  • The Gum Movie

    Rip Curl brings bullet time to snowboarding in the teaser for their third team flick, The Gum Movie. Supposedly borne out of the underwhelming European winter, the movie sees the crew heading as far as Japan and Chile to get shots.

  • Seven Ghosts

    On March 2011, Rip Curl International team riders Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar and original searcher Tom Curren followed the latest Tip 2 Tip odyssey deep into the heart of Indonesia to be part of a groundbreaking mission to the freshly discovered, flawless waves of a remote river known by the nearby…

  • Welcome Home II

    Once again, the brand joined forces with French Kiss Production and Freestudios Creative Media Production to release this new snowboarding movie.