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  • Second Nature

    Second Nature is a 20-minute documentary on Element team rider and budding landscape architect, Janne Saario of Finland.

  • Red Bull Perspective

    A cinematic journey through the eyes of skateboarding’s elite.

  • Atypical presents Bright SS 2013 Collection.

    There are many new elements compared to the previous edition, like the size of the table: the considerably shortened lenght and the finer thickness.

  • Into The Thicket

    Desillusion Magazine is happy to launch the new movie of californian based label Sitka . Into The Thicket chronicles the journey of a few skateboarders’ treck into the forests of Vancouver Island to skate a ramp constructed using the surrounding environment and few other materials. Watch the video here: http://www.dslmag.com/v6/2013/04/08/into-the-thicket-desillusion-exclusive/ Featuring: Chris Haslam, Todd Myers,…

  • This Ain’t California

    This Ain’t California is a celebration of the lust for life, a contemporary documentary trip into the world of skateboarding in the German Democratic Republic. [vimeo http://vimeo.com/44302226 w=500] From the opening sequence, director Marten Persiel bombards us with a frenzy of home videos intercut with old GDR stock footage set to equally frenetic tunes. The…

  • Skate Pinball

    Three new electric flavors. One extreme idea! To launch the new flavors of Mountain Dew, in 2011 Auckland’s Colenso BBDO worked with specialist designers and New Zealand’s gnarliest (including skateboarders Brett Band and Mike Bancroft and BMX rider Haimona Ngata) on the new campaign, which revolves around a 600-square-foot skateable pinball machine, complete with 40…

  • Iuter skate promo 2011

    Fine skateboarding from Iuter skateboard teamriders filmed by stilish lens wizard Enrico Cerovac.

  • Frozen Wave

    Juan Rayos has put together another longboarding video. Following Carving the Mountains, and Winter Night Longboard comes Frozen Wave, documents an event which took place in one of the few available ditches near Madrid.

  • Skateboard Girls

    Chen Man is an incredibly active photographer from Beijing and catapulted onto the scene with her shots for Vision Magazine, which were combined with computer-generated 3-D images. See below the project titled Skateboard Girls. The series was done a few years ago when Chen Man was just starting to make a name for herself, so…

  • The Skateboard film festival

    Maybe some of you guys knows the famous Bicycle film festival, but I bet you didn’t know about the existence of a Skateboard film festival. Am I wrong? Well, on august 14/15 the city of Seattle is hosting the 2009 edition.

  • Erik Koston Swooshed!

    We’re truly proud to be the last website to announce you the breaking news about Erik Koston being enrolled in the mighty Nike SB supa dupa team.

  • Tetris Effect project

    Starting from Tetris Effect and from the many things it has in common with skateboarding, Mayday distribution asked seven different artists, belonging to different experiences and worlds, to illustrate a board and a tee-shirt, using the style and the technic more compliant with their own experience. Also they asked them to document, as possible they…

  • Obey X Stereo skateboards

    MayDay dist fellas gave us this precious shout about the fresh collab between Obey Giant and massive skateboard company Stereo. The collab will concretely take shape in a limited edition deck collection for pros Olly Todd, Danny Renaud, Danny Supa e Clint Peterson. In Italy only selected may day dist dealer will carry those awesome…

  • Jib-Vid Evolution

    The skate short film contest of the year arrives in Bristol with a £1000 prize purse. Jib-Vid Evolution pulling in teams from across the UK.

  • Don Pendleton Expo @ Paul’s Boutique

    World renowed artist Dan Pendleton art will find home at Paul’s boutique on september 9.