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  • Desillusion Present : A Skateboarding Self Portrait

    Fabiano Rodrigues was born in Santos, São Paulo, 1974. He approached photography through skateboarding, first appearing in photographs as a professional skateboarder

  • The Jambo. Go skateboarding!

    Finally in Italy, after the triumph at the X Games in Barcelona.

  • The Urban Playground: Skatorialist

    Singapore’s Central Business District, home to 176,000 workers, a place where the heartbeat of the economy is.

  • Garbage Burrito

    DaKine team skaters Sean Conover, Willis Kimbel, Steven Reeves, Kevin Kowalski, Cody Lockwood, Ben Hatchell and Ben Raybourn skatin’ mission…

  • Durban 2012

    The South African Adidas Skateboard team recently went to explore the hometown of new team rider Yann Horowitz. Durban is situated in the Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa.

  • Quik

    Quik is a new short film directed by skateboarding filmer Colin Kennedy featuring Quiksilver pro rider Austyn Gillette.

  • DC European Skate Video

    After two years of tours, road trips, great times and intense skateboarding, DC Shoes is proud to announce the first ever europe team full length video. Here is a small trailer of what’s coming.

  • Nike The Chosen skateboard teaser

    This third teaser from The Chosen is fully dedicated to skateboarding, with limelight footage from Omar Salazar, Paul Rodriguez and Theotis Beasley

  • Advita two days in Switzerland

    French dudes from Advita are always doin’ something, mainly with a camera switched on

  • Plank

    Nassim Guammaz wants to become best skateboarder in the world. His father says he has to choose a secure future, and the boys from his neighborhood think that skateboarding is not for Moroccans.

  • 4wheelwarpony

    4wheelwarpony is a multi-screen experimental film that juxtaposes historic archive photos and modern reenactments of 19th Century White Mountain Apache Scouts.

  • Slam Trick 2008

    As always the Slam Trick manages to be a complete event, which doesn’t leave any time for boredom, brings the people into its arms from one show to another, in a flux of faces and various situations. Colours and styles of the skate world face its short but intense life. I realise with pleasure that…

  • SlamTrick 2008 Freak Out!

    Grab your skateboard and a couple of vintage teeshirts, place them into a bandana, a red one would be better, tie it up and hang it on a stick.

  • Nothing But The Truth

    All what I can say about Nothing But the truth is summarizable in one word: Huge! Once you push play on your DVD recorder you understand you’re gonna seeing somethind beyond the skateboard video definition.