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  • Sloope

    A special team for managing and promoting bike parks, building and maintaining trails, training and technically supporting the world of mountainbiking.

  • Leaves, the new movie by Zimstern

    One day, when the snow will be definitvely over, what will snowboarders do? The evironmental friendly swiss outerwear company Zimstern give you an answer: surf on leaves.

  • Swatch Bikepark Kids Freeride Team

    The Mottolino Kids Freeride Team: Swatch Bikepark Livigno’s unique support program for the next generation of gravity mountain bike riders

  • Locals

    Tired of waiting for a free chairlift, always occupied by the locals?! Relish a huge handful of genuine local raspberries, enjoy the local summer lake, choose the cableway instead.

  • Days of Thunder updates

    ANTI Days of Thunder is the first of it’s kind in a new breed of mountain bike competitions featuring all aspects of gravity fed mountain biking; Downhill, Dirt and Slopestyle. This competition features a different approach to the conventional competition format, and getting good photos and videos are prioritized over proclaiming a winner. Five teams…

  • Tom Grundy webisode six

    Showcasing some of the Uk’s up and coming mountain bike talent. From Downhill to Dirt jump to Freeride. Filmed, Edited and Produced by Tom Grundy This Month Features the Fairclough Compound at night Followed by an 11 man train down hindhead and some Deer Stalker from Rory Hackett. Watch on Mpora.

  • Anti Days of Thunder

    Return of the most unconventional and most fun orientated freeride competition in mountain biking, the one and only ANTI Days of Thunder is back for 2009 – from June 29th to July 4th.

  • Kranked 8 – Revolve..

    A high definition tribute to the ride and the rider. The Ride.  the coolest human-powered adrenaline tool ever invented – the mountain bike. The Rider.  15 individuals hell-bent on pushing the limits.  They  are crazy men who think they are normal. REVOLVE blasts in cinematic glory from the French Alps to the lush coast of …

  • Va-t-en a Vetan!

    There’s a place in this world where people can be your friends after five minutes. Where, after five minutes, you know them as good as from a lifetime.

  • New World Disorder 9 “Never Enough”

    The fourth time in a row, France’s biggest mountain bike festival, the Roc D’Azur in Fréjus, builds the perfect surrounding for the European premiere of the newest episode of the New World Disorder movie serial.

  • Lacondeguy wins Slopestyle at Crankworx

    Andreu Lacondeguy took top spot in the finals of the Slopestyle contest at Crankworx 2008 with a long list of impressive tricks. Watch the highlights here.

  • New World Disorder 9, Never Enough

    Shot in HD and Super 16mm film on location in Morroco, China, Australia, Europe, USA and British Columbia with the biggest names in the business, New World Disorder 9 will leave you with that uncontrollable urge to get out and ride your bike. The premiere of the movie is set to roll on Wednesday, September…

  • F1rst

    The latest, and highly anticipated, movie from Clay Porter (Distinction Productions) is the epically filmed “F1RST“, and today sees the launch of the new web site featuring the captivating new trailer. World Premiere set for April 18, in Monterey, during the week of the Sea Otter Classic. Visit http://www.f1rstmovie.com

  • Freeride for dummies

    I’ve just disturbed them spreading stones and mud with my wheels.