Tales from Norway

That’s a trip of three guys, wandering through Norway, from Oslo to Nordkapp.
The roadtrip starts from the chaos of a metropolis and the more it comes close to the further north Europe the more it dips into the even more wild, cold and lonely spaces.

Norway is a magical country.

When you think you have enjoyed the best view, sunset or landscape, just turn the corner and you will have another sight, even more incredible.
Oslo, Bergen, Ålesund, Sogndal, Trondheim, Kristiansund, Trollstigveien, Trondheim, Bodo, Lofoten Islands, Vester Islands, Tromso, N: 69.89804 ° E: 21.60425 °, Mettvoll, Alta, Nordkapp are just few of the places that I visited.

And I’m sure one day I’ll come back to visit them under a new light, the bright light of the white Norwegian winter.

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