Talkin’ deep with Koes

This interview has been realized on june 28th, but published only today due to simple network issues.

Hey Koes..a big handshake. Are you right or left-handed?

I’m right handed, even if I tried many times to draw left-handed, without results. On the other hand I can’t kick with my right foot, I’m left-footed.

Where are you now and where were you on last friday?

I’m in Stockholm now, I have been for one year, and friday I was somewhere off track in Finland and I was going towards Helsinki.

Where did it all start from? Something or someone has influenced you?

For several years I’ve been asking myself the same question, and I always found different answers, I believe much comes from cartoons like Dashu Kappei (Gigi la Trottola in italian), from the huge amount of Zuegg fruit juice I drank and from my passion for animals that made me watch all the documentaries shown on TV.
I believe that it was certainly my youth spent playing with animals, my getting lost in the mountains behind my home, my life abroad, my willingness to meet people with different origin and mind, my staying out of this loved/hated Italy.
And basically being together with people like Sika, Ska, Zuek, Fakso, Sparki and Peeta, Overspin, Ead and Animal Korps, Fraintesa that have in common an inventive and creative mind that excites me.
They gave me a direction that I did and still try to follow, without resting but always looking for the next step.

Are there some colors that you HAVE to have?

I’m in a transition phase, surely I couldn’t be without grey, white, red and black. Especially red, my mum used to dress me in red when I was a baby, I couldn’t live without it.
But I’m also devoted to the printer, and therefore to the CMYK brothers.

Freestyle/soul or pencil, rubber/brain?

It certainly depends on the moment, within me there are 2 different personalities that never work together.
For sure I always work with soul/pencil, rubber, I couldn’t live without graphite, sometimes I think that bringing the sketch on the wall is something unnecessary, while other sketches are just draft shapes that are solidifying on the wall and without it would have no meaning to be.
I am sure that my approach is not about preparing sketches at home, I’d rather go to the place and, if I can, choose what works better with shadows and architecture, then sit down and see what the wall suggests me..

When is one of your works really finished?

When are you really finished when lovemaking?
A drawing is truly finished when it integrates well with the surrounding environment.


Now, what do you think we really can’t miss?

As of now, soon to leave scandinavian countries, a thing I’ll really miss and that I wouldn’t want to miss are the days without darkness, especially those ones I had in the woods of Finland.
Another thing you can’t miss is Infart 3, quality, artists and nice people, surely the biggest event that Italy has ever seen held on 6th and 7th september 2008. An event made by artists for artists. We’ll surely meet there.


See you.

You can read an Italian version of this itw on Senor Lopez very own blog. Much props to Milli for his help.