Talking drones with Stu Gibson

As drones become more and more affordable, an increasing number of photographers are getting in on the action. Red Bull Illume finalist Stu Gibson is one of the photographers who has been producing a lot of aerial footage recently as can be seen on his Facebook page, so we caught up with him to discuss…


What drone did you go for? What’s your setup?
It changes from shoot to shoot. I use a range – from DJI Phantoms to octocopters, mostly with some home modifications.


Has it changed your approach to photography?
It’s made me very bored with normal stills, aerials are way more fun – but I can swap from stills to video on all rigs. Even on my phantom I use a Lumix for stills.

Are you getting more gigs because of it?
It’s just another piece of equipment to the kit now but I’m sure its helped get some jobs as the client knows I can do both. My drones come with me wherever I go!

Getting your hands on a decent drone may be a worthy addition for action sports photographers. Get some inspiration from Stu’s latest video here and be sure to check out his website here.

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