Telekom Local Support Dirt Challenge results

On Saturday, 19th of February, Mainz got quite a show: the Telekom Local Support Dirt Challenge attracted over 100 Mountainbike and BMX riders as well as tons of spectators who visited the Halle 5 in Mainz/Germany!

The Halle 5 is most probably Europe’s only indoor dirt jump location and offers the exclusive chance to get some dirt under ones tires even in winter. Not only riders from Germany used that one-off chance to get dirty but cars with number plates from France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands were parked in front of the venue!

Despite the freezing temperatures in- and outside the hall, the atmosphere heated up pretty quickly as the first amateurs started with frontflips and super clean superman whips. Within 20“ it was Jan Mihaly from Darmstadt who convinced the judges and came first before Alexander Stinshoff and Adrian Müller-Roth.

Marvin Buchholzki was the mountainbike rookie who showed Halle 5 how to ride the dirts properly and thus came first before Florian Penzel and Tobias Engelmann. These six guys are now enjoying all their new stuff from Monster Energy, Pro-tec, the The Local Face Store, Felt Bikes and ODI. But that’s not all. Both winning riders, Jan and Marvin qualified for the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds on the 17th of April in Duisburg where they will be up against some of the best international riders like Brett „Mad Dog“ Banasiewicz and Sam Pilgrim.

After the amateurs raising the bars quite high, it was the pros‘ turn to step up to get a part of the prize money to be won. Within BMX it was Simon Moratz, one of Germany’s best dirt riders who secured his win by doing Flipwhips, Barrel Rolls and Decades, well before Daniel Wedemeijer from the Netherlands and Janek Wentzky from Essen.
The 26“ winner was a lot harder to determine but it was Felix Rosendahl from Dortmund who came first in the end before the French Medhi Gani and Szynom Godziek from Poland.
These six also qualified for the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds and will certainly play a major role at the Kraftzentrale!

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Photos by Martin Donat and Kay Clauberg courtesy of Millhaus