Telekom Local Support Skateboard Challenge video

The Telekom Local Support Skateboard Challenge 2010 was part of the final tour stopp of the German championship series Adio COS Cup. Here’s a nice clip of the contest at the Playground indoor skate park in Aurich.

Thomas Weber, Tom Kleinschmidt, Christian Krause and Marius Kolkmeyer showed some of the best runs of the day and qualified for the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds on December 5th, 2010 in Berlin.


Results team ranking:
1st: Alex Mizurov & Yannick Schall
2nd: Thomas Weber & Thomas Meinel
3rd: Christian Krause & Kerem Elver

1st: Marius Kolkmeyer & Hendrik Kaczmarek
2nd: Thorsten Ballhaus & Octavio Trindade
3rd: Moritz Huesmann & Dennis Klüssendorf

Results single ranking:
1st: Alex Mizurov
2nd: Thomas Weber
3rd: Tom Kleinschmidt

1st: Marius Kolkmeyer
2nd: Moritz Huesmann
3rd: Thorsten Ballhaus