Telekom Local Support Wakeboard Challenge – video highlights

76 riders started at the Telekom Local Support Wakeboard Challenge at the Turncable in Thannhausen/Germany on July 24.
Felix Georgii and Miles Töller showed the best runs of the day and qualified for the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds on August 29,th, 2010 in Hamburg/Pinneberg.


“Pokovec & Georgii GmbH und Co. KG” – Felix Georgii and Robert Pokovec
“Hamburg’s Finest” – Tom Richter and Frederic von Osten
“Team Obstixx” – Benjamin Sae-Chong and Miles Töller

“Pusteblume” – Lasse Maas and Bastian Brüggemann
“Durchschnitt” – Guido Winter and Thorsten Bernecker
“Becks Gold to Blind” – Marijan Mustac and Hendrik Janssen