That’s All, Black Narrows

2010, Aosta assists to the rising of The Black Narrows, name inspired by the downhill team Black Arrows.
Their aim is to create a crew of people using bikes, racing, fixed, Graziella or whatever style.

Friendship first.

The video sums a spring day spent in Aosta alleys and places.
Just for fun, neither tricks, alleycat, nor Criterium.


Just in one of these alleys Paolo Morandini lived.
White aired, thick moustaches, by faith one day, in a handful of minutes, he teached them his art. Now he’s gone.
They were lucky, for they had the chance to meet him for a few moments, so a few time to show them his passion and love for his life.

Rest in peace, Paolo.

Filmed in April 2011
Camera: Lance and Fra
Edit: Lance