The Arctic Challenge 2014, Danny Davis wins

This week the legendary snowboard contest The Arctic Challenge was again held in Oslo, Norway. Host and snowboard icon Terje Haakonsen wanted to do something different with this year’s competition as he feels the standardization of pipes and competition formats has weakened interest in halfpipe riding.


In order to help bring creativity back into pipe riding he invited 12 riders including Olympic gold winner Iouri Podladtchikov, and X-games gold winner Danny Davis, who worked with pipe shapers to find new layouts.


On the last day of the event the riders competed in two jam sessions lasting one hour each. The first hour was an expression session where riders could focus on single features or combination tricks. The second session the focus was to show creativity, variety, height and technical difficulty in complete runs. Finally the judges concluded on a podium of the top three riders based on combined rankings of both sessions.

This year’s major profiles in halfpipe would again compete at the top. Danny Davis took home the win after being among the top 3 ranked riders thru both sessions. Iouri Podladtchikov came back strong and won the second session in the contest, but eventually the olympic champion had to settle for second place when both sessions where added together.

After solid performances in both sessions the third rider on the podium was the the 18-year-old Australian rider Kent Callister.