The Art of Flight – Italian premiere

words and text by Martina Gastaldi

The long awaited Italian premiere of The Art Of Flight finally landed at the Orfeo Theatre in Milan, Italy, with the whole bandwagon of pros and bros.
The cold temperature and the menacing faces of the bodyguard at the gates didn’t discourage the huge crowd of kids waiting to see the video and its heroes.

Right after the door a Travis Rice cardboard silouette welcomed the crowd, and after some Red Bull&popcorn giveaway, we were introduced to the screen prints world tour area where graphic artist grafico Hydro7 signed the event poster.
The Cinema got slowly filled with the help of Red Bull staff and the light got switched off: everything from Dolby sorround at ridiculous volume, the uber quality filming and editing is so perfect and enhance at the highest level the ridiculous level of riding showcased, making people forget the hole in the screed that a falling loudspeaker create during the first screening.

The steepest powder descents, the flithiest sleds ride, the redbull helicopters absurd landings on the dirties peaks and the enormous tricks nailed by Travis Rice, Mark Landvik, Nicolas Muller, John Jackson, literally leave us breathless: they truly have the art of flight.

At the end  of the premiere, Travis Rice himself randomly picked a seat number and give away a Lib Tech Pro Model board for free.

After the premiere we all moved to Magazzini Generali for the after party: last shouts with some Italian scene ambassadors such as Leonardo Fioravanti (young pro surfer) Manuel Pietropoli,  Kevin Kok and many others, some fight for the first cocktail and then…See you all to the next event!