The Book of Protection

TSG Summer 2011 catalog featuring new skate and bike helmets and protection gear.

In spring 2011, TSG will premiere in launching an Art Design helmet collection in cooperation with renowned artists. German Jan Meininghaus as well as US-Americans David Flores and Tanner Goldbeck designed an total of 10 helmets for the upcoming season.

The Evolution Art Design series with 7 variations of the successful hard-shell design would well fill an entire gallery. In addition to this, TSG offers one Art Design special each for the Inmold Superlight helmet, the adjustable Kraken helmet, and for the Staten full-face series. Also, selected artwork will be found on the t-shirts of the Art Design collection.

2008 was the year when TSG found out about Skateistan. The Swiss were immediately enthusiastic about the charity project in Afghanistan and team behind it. Since then a close partnership has evolved and is still growing: boxes and containers full of helmets, protectors and guards have been shipped to Afghanistan.

Pictures of happy faces of kids on skateboards, who are able to forget about their worries and misery in a war-struck country for a while, have gone around the world. Skateistan offers new perspectives to kids in Afghanistan. It helps overcome prejudices and promote equal rights and opportunities.

And it brings fun and happiness to the lives of kids and youngsters who otherwise very rarely get a chance to laugh and play. A skateboard becomes the vehicle of choice to reach these complex goals.

TSG now intensifies the partnership with Skateistan and launches a new Skateistan Charity Collection in spring 2011. Helmets and protectors with a Skateistan-specific design will promote awareness of the project.

A fixed percentage per every sold helmet and protector will go to support the charity project. This way dealers and end consumers get the opportunity to support Skateistan actively as well.