The Chili

The Chili is a mammal that lives on top of high mountains, in a not well defined region between the Andes and the Alps.
It’s full of dark and curly hair, it’s bigger and heavier than a buffalo, with very little and tiny horns, little pointed well combed ears and a huge pink nose. Its paws are very tiny, graceful and neat, and everyone is still wondering how they can sustain such a mammoth body. Maybe it’s the fact that, moving, the chili jumps tiptoeing here and there, moving its head right and left with a kind of smile printed on its snout, emittiing piercing joyful yells like ” chi chi chi chi chi chi chiiii”, which let it seem a marmot and allows it to fight gravity….that’s the reason why nobody cares of it: only experts can find marmots, why trying?. And for this reason a very few people know the chili. Its daily ritual consists in picking up daisies and placing them under its ears, mostly in sunny days, when its joy explodes in even sharper yells (differently, during the rainy periods and winter, it remains in its shelter sadly counting the days; the chili hates getting dirty with mud).
Experts suppose it should be a coupling ritual, which let it seem a little gay…that’s why it’s going to be extincted in a few years, if we don’t make it breed in captivity, like panda bears. Another reason of its slow disappearing is that most part of specimen are males, females preferred breeding with more masculine buffalos hundreds of years ago, giving birth to what it’s nowadays a wild boar ( you can recognize them from the nose ).

If you care of this mammal’s existence too, please don’t eat “chili con carne” anymore.