The course building in Vienna is in full swing

The course in Vienna is taking shape and riders all over the world are busy packing their bags. After all, in only three days it is time for the Vienna Air King, the official kick-off event of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour (FMBWT).

One further surprise was just unveiled: One rider can secure a wild card for himself at the Vienna Air King allowing him to take part in the legendary Red Bull District Ride on September 9th and 10th in Nuremberg.

The square in front of the venerable city hall in Vienna is already barely recognisable. In just a few days, riders from around the globe will take up the challenge to ride the completely re-aligned dirt line in what promises to be perfect weather conditions. We have collected a few first impressions for you to whet your appetite for the competition this coming weekend.

To make sure absolutely nobody has to miss the action in Vienna, Contour presents a live stream straight from the city square. On Sunday, the perfectly rounded-off programme will not only bring you the best tricks, but will introduce some of the riders in interviews and offer a running commentary so that everyone who dials is granted a complete insight into the contest.

Check out these websites for the live stream presented by Contour from 2.15pm CET this coming Sunday: , , , , of course and others.